Friday, January 18, 2008            (3:00pm - 10:00pm)
Saturday, January 19, 2008        (8:00am - 4:00pm)

Diane Krause-Stetson
(founder of Lead Your Life, LLC and co-founder of Symarete)

Barbara Techel
(founder of Expressive Heart and Joyful Paws)

Join Together to Bring You
An Extraordinary Weekend of
Soul Searching, Personal Clarity and A Commitment to Fulfilling Your Dreams

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Dear Amazing Woman (Mother, Sister, Friend, Neighbor, Co-worker and Engaging Woman We See Every Week at the Grocery Store),

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of time?  Join us for an inspiring workshop retreat that's all about YOU.

With the expansion of the self-help industry, we are constantly inundated with the latest tools and techniques to "live our best lives".  We welcome Oprah into our living rooms in order to feel connected to something larger than ourselves.  We read books and magazine articles that invite, tempt or even defy us to find our purpose.  We might even know women who have taken up this challenge and who have consciously embarked on a path to living a life of greater purpose and meaning. 

How many times have you thought to yourself, "Who can afford to be so 'self-centered'?", "Who has the time?", or "I wouldn't even know where to start?"

By participating fully in the Winter Soulitude Retreat, you will experience:

We hope that you will join us for 15 extraordinary hours that will be all about YOU! 

                                                                                                                                        Warmest wishes,

                                                                                                                                                 Diane and Barbara

[Deep Sigh.]  "Another year gone by.  I swear this coming year will be different.  How many years will I allow these words wash over me as I hurry about my busy life?  I would love to begin 2008 knowing--really knowing--that this will be my best year yet!  I want to stop living with that cloud of wistfulness, that dull pain of yearning.  I want to embrace each day with the vibrant expectancy of a child with her whole future in front of her.  I want to recapture and reconnect with who I really am.  I want to live the life I was meant to be living."

I'm Diane Krause-Stetson, the founder of Lead Your Life and co-founder of Symarete.  I am a consultant, coach and catalyst for authentic and principled success.  It was 8 years ago that my life changed.  Maybe I should say that my perspective on life changed.  My cousin, Mary, died after a long battle with breast cancer.  She was only 48 years oldyounger than I am now.  She was a "big sister" substitute, friend and confidant. She was one special woman. Her husband asked that I offer some remarks at the funeral on behalf of the family.  As a loving daughter, wife and mother, trusted friend and neighbor, and as a devoted elementary school teacher, she had contributed much during her short life.  My search for meaning and my quest for purpose began in earnest during the preparation of Mary's eulogy. 

At that time, I was working in a large Chicago-area company, having already invested almost twenty years as a lawyer turned corporate executive.  By traditional standards, I was on the fast-track and enjoying considerable success. While climbing that ladder of success, I so often ignored how my stomach would twist and burn on Sunday evenings.  When my heart would race from the stresses of not having enough time to do too much of what wasn't important to me, I just felt ungrateful, insecure and unworthy.  And, when faced with corporate mandates that strained my personal principles, I often questioned my own judgment. 

As I wrote that eulogy, I reflected on my own life, too.  I considered my own hopes and dreams.  I made a commitment to live the life I was meant to live.  I knew then that I wanted to experiencereally experiencegreater love and joy. And, I wanted to have an impact and truly make a difference in the world. 

Now, as a certified coach, consultant and mentor, I work with executives, professionals and other individuals who want to bring more meaning into their lives.  I have developed a discovery process that uncovers just what is valuable to each individual and how to make daily choices that align with those values. 

1. Discover Who You Are
2. Decide What’s Important
3. Do What Matters

Obviously, this is not a recipe or formula for the perfect life.  It is a guide by which to live each day authentically and with purpose, and it is a framework to make principled decisions consciously and in accordance with your personal values. 

I have tailored this broader process for the Winter Soulitude™ retreat, where we will kick off 2008 with a commitment to ourselves to expand our perspective, explore the possibilities and express ourselves fully.  During facilitated discussions, private reflection and journaling, you will rediscover your own inner wisdom.  You will reconnect to your essence.  And, you will leave with a renewed sense of who you are and who you are becoming.

I'm Barbara Techel. Together with my husband, John, we own JT Construction, LLC.  I have spent the last 13 years working beside John as we built his dream business.  During that time, I also experimented, using my entrepreneurial skills, in a couple of direct selling businesses.  However, I found that they did not speak to who I truly am. I've always been creative and I've always had a special place in my heart for animals.  So, now I'm a creative writer, inspired by the life lessons animals teach us.  I am now delighted to say I have founded Expressive Heart and Joyful Paws and I am living my passions.  For over two years, I wrote a monthly newspaper column about finding connection through animals called "For the Love of Animals".  And, I just published my first children's book, "Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog". 

I am also a former coaching client of Diane's.  What I started over two years ago when I coached with Diane has developed into a far greater and deeper journey that I have continued to take on my own.  You see, sometimes you just need a catalyst to start your transformation.  The rest is up to you. 

So here I am.  This is the reverse of the scene in "When Harry Met Sally" when Meg Ryan exclaimed "I'll have what she's having!"  I want YOU to have what what I'm having.  With my hands on my heart, I often say "I wish I could give you what I have in here". 

I want to invite you to Winter Soulitude™ so that you can begin the journey into your own soul so that you, too, can experience the joy that I have found in my life.  I want to share some of the most essential lessons I have learned--and continue to learn--on the road to becoming my highest and truest self.   I will teach you the journaling techniques I have used and will reveal to you the 6 tips that I have learned about how to "Go Inward to Grow Forward.™"

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What This Retreat IS NOT!

We are not setting aside a weekend in order to grumble about our husbands or to whine about not having one.  We are not carving out this time simply to escape the duties of motherhood.  We are not getting together to complain about our current jobs or about the careers we've given up.  And, we are not going to lament the dreams that we've long abandon. 

Instead, at this retreatperhaps better described as a "workshop"we will consciously put our attention toward the discovery of who we are today and who we are becoming. 

This is not about what might have been... but about what can be and what will be.

During the Winter Soulitude Retreat, here's what we'll experience:

1.  We will reflect on what we have learned and on the wisdom that we have earned

2.  We will begin to make conscious choices about the year and years to come

3.  Most importantly, we will make commitments to ourselves to take the actions that will allow us to begin living our dreams TODAY.

And, while we are searching our souls and expressing what we hold dear in our hearts, we will be enjoying a lovely venue and great food.  We are fortunate to be holding this retreat in the Gottfried Parlor, where we can enjoy conversation and soulitude beside the splendid fireplace. 

Included in your registration fee are:

  1. 15 hours of inspiration, connection and soulitude
  2. Workshop  materials
  3. A welcome "tea time" reception on Friday afternoon
  4. A sit-down dinner on Friday evening (a cash bar will be available)
  5. A continental breakfast on Saturday morning
  6. A noon luncheon on Saturday
  7. Refreshments throughout our sessions
  8. Surprises and more surprises

For those of you who are able to completely dedicate 25 hours--straight-- and intensify your retreat experience.  The Osthoff Resort is even offering a special room rate.  Please contact the Resort directly at:  (920) 876-3366 and indicate that you will be a participant at the Winter Soulitude™ retreat.

To celebrate our inaugural event and to make this as affordable as possible and still give you a top level experience, you can sign up for the special price of $239 through Friday, January 4, 2008.  After that, the price will go up to $269.

Are you ready to look at yourself in the mirror and make a promise to yourself?  Can you promise to give yourself the gift of possibility...of purpose?

Don't miss out on this very special opportunity.
Enrollment is limited.
Sign up today!

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Registering for this event is a commitment to yourself and to us, the retreat facilitators.  If you sign up and are no longer able to attend, you are free to transfer your registration to someone else who would enjoy this life-changing experience.  Because of the nature of this event and our commitment to limit registrations to ensure that this will be an intimate setting, we will not be able to refund registration fees except in extraordinary circumstances.  Refund requests will be handled fairly and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.